Kejuaraan Tenis Yunior New Armada Cup XXVI 2018

Tennis is my life. I have been practicing tennis since I was four years old. Winning competitions nationally and internationally has been the highlights of my life, but my latest winning is somehow super special.

Recently I won “Kejuaraan Tenis Yunior New Armada Cup XXVI 2018”. I was in the U-16 category. The competition was in Magelang from 8-13 January 2018. 

I prepared this tournament for 3 weeks before it finally started. I had a rigorous training, about 9 times a week. Honestly, I didn’t think I could go to the finals as I had to face a lot of tough opponents.  I just tried to play my best.

It went well until I reached the final. My opponent in the final was Nadya Dhaneswara from Kudus and she is a tough one. I had never won over her during our previous match. So, I am very happy to win over her for the very first time and it is also my first win in the U-16 category.

Now I am looking forward to winning another championship. May God allow me to fight my best.