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Reginian Youth Camp

Youth Camp is a new program in Maria Regina School that aims to make students to get closer with God, having more modesty, and improved skills in social life. This program held for three days and two nights at Mary Cave Kerep, Ambarawa. The participants of this event are Grade 5 students, JHS 1 students, and JHS 2 students. Through this Youth Camp, they learned about creativity, leadership, and solid relationship with fellows.

By carrying the theme, “Growing Together in Christ”, hopefully this Youth Camp can help them to improve their awareness of God, environment, and themselves. The activities in the Youth Camp were designed to be as interesting as possible. The one that will become the most unforgettable experience is preparing their own lunch and dinner. They went to the traditional market in the morning to buy some stuffs. Then, they cooked for lunch with their teammates. They had cooking time as well in the evening to prepare their dinner. They said that it was their first time to go to the traditional market and preparing their own lunch and dinner. Besides, they also had outbound activity so that they can have fun with friends through valuable games. Finally, we ended the Youth Camp with Holy Mass in the campsite led by Father Surya Awangga.