Preschool United Nations Day 2018 Celebration

As the  United Nations Day is celebrated around the world, the Preschoolers came to school in traditional costumes from all around the world on 26 October 2018. The toddler kids dressed in Chinese traditional costumes called Qibao. Our Pre-K students also showed their excitement in wearing the Indonesian traditional costumes like Kebaya, Baju Bodo, Dayak costume, Flores costume and many more. The K1 students looked pretty and handsome in Indian costume along with the accessories. The K2 students came in pretty and cool Yukata. All the preschoolers showed their talents through their dancing performance that they have practiced together. We also had two booths; the Indonesian booth and the China booth. In the Indonesian booth the kids can play traditional games from Indonesia like Dakon, Ladder and Snake, and Hoolahoop. In China booth, the Chinese teachers were there to teach them how to draw Chinese Panda. Through the United Nations Day the children learned about the diversity of the nations all around the world through their costumes, games and songs

Pic A – Pic F