Welcome to Maria Regina

We integrate technology and Character Building

Maria Regina is a private Catholic school who adopts an international teaching approach by incorporating the Cambridge curriculum into our students’ education, using English and Bahasa Indonesia as media of instruction and Mandarin as a foreign language. English, Science, and Mathematics are the strong proponents of our academic program.

Integrating technology and character building in the teaching-learning process, our school comprises of Preschool, Grade School, Junior High School, and Senior High School with a team of experienced and passionate teachers.

We cherish and strengthen all whom we believe to be unique and special in the Catholic school community, regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds.

Why Maria Regina School?

Maria Regina School is a pioneer in modern Catholic education in Semarang. We integrate faith, knowledge and character building-the three important pillars which serve as a foundation for our students to be future leaders.

In Maria Regina School, we believe that every student has their own unique talents. By paying close attention to students’ needs and giving them the right motivation, we help our students go beyond their limitations and surpass their academic expectations.

Supported by highly-qualified Indonesian and expatriate teachers, we provide a learning environment which strengthens language skills through instructions and daily conversations in English. With Maria Regina School, students can gain access to higher education both nationally and internationally.



To become a leading Indonesian institution for future leaders who are faithful, academically competent, with strong character and rooted in the togetherness of a living community.



To create a joyful learning process in the togetherness of a living community.

To provide learning experiences that facilitate the growth of interest and love of knowledge.

To assist learners to grow up through the values of honesty, charity, persistence and justice.