Our preschool curriculum is developed using a thematic approach to learning. This approach helps children to associate with the day to day happenings around them. In our school, the child is at the centre of every school programme and activity. Every child is important to us and we customize the curriculum to help them reach their full potential. Our programmes expose children to a holistic education that prepares them to be confident, articulate, and independent.

As a stage of exploration and discovery, Maria Regina lays the avenue, equipped with skilled teachers and facilities, which provides fun and enjoyable learning experiences. We believe that learning best occurs in an environment that stimulates and caters to it. Therefore, to assure quality education, classrooms are furnished with child-friendly furniture and facilities. With child-scale instructional and manipulative materials for early childhood education, children develop their language and literacy skills, arithmetic and basic number concepts, music, movement and coordination skills, social and creative skills preparing them for the demands of the primary years.

Grade School

Our Grade department is patterned in an international-based standard curriculum combined with the national curriculum. The well organized and standardized curriculum of our school allows the students to develop their cognitive skills through inquiry and discovery based learning.

It also allows students to harness their creativity through experimentation, problem solving and exhibitions of their personal outputs. Most importantly, it allows students to experience and put into effective use the significance of knowledge and character as an efficient member of a family, community, society and nation through simulations, out-reach programs, educational trips and stay-in programs. We empower our students to be eloquent with the use of English language as a medium of daily conversation and as a medium of teaching-learning process.

The Maria Regina Grade School curriculum is especially designed to help students to be competent, creative and socially involved members of nation.


Empower yourself, Speak English



Junior High School

Education is an interpersonal process. Personal care is the most important instrument to enhance child development. Hence, we do our best to increase teachers’ development – both in character and profession. A good teacher is a key factor in attaining a good education.

Maria Regina School places priority in providing the best facilities for learning. Children need a clean, safe and nice learning environment. A good environment in itself is educating. A school should be an inspiring place to explore and stimulate learning. Everyday we use our creativity to create a learning atmosphere where our beloved students feel at home to learn and develop a quality of life.

Senior High School

Excellent curriculum:

A unique combination of national curriculum and international-based curriculum. Chinese L2 is also included in the curriculum.

(Kurikulum yang berkualitas: kombinasi unik dari kurikulum nasional dan kurikulum internasional. Bahasa Mandarin sudah termasuk dalam kurikulum sekolah.)

Maria Regina School has successfully produced graduates with outstanding UN results* and hopefully our excellent tradition in academic achievement will be perpetuated in the upcoming Senior High School.

(Sekolah Maria Regina telah berhasil meluluskan siswa dan siswi di tingkat SD dan SMP dengan hasil Ujian Nasional* yang membanggakan dan Sekolah Maria Regina berharap kualitas pendidikan yang baik ini dapat terus dipertahankan di tingkat SMA.)

*hasil Ujian Nasional SMP:

  • Tertinggi sekota Semarang tahun 2013/2014; peringkat ke-6 tingkat Propinsi Jawa Tengah.
  • Peringkat ke-2 sekota Semarang tahun 2014/2015 untuk sekolah  swasta; peringkat ke-9 tingkat Propinsi Jawa Tengah untuk sekolah swasta.

*hasil Ujian Nasional SD:

  • Tertinggi sekota Semarang tahun 2014/2015;
  • Peringkat ke-2 tingkat Propinsi Jawa Tengah untuk sekolah swasta

Teaching Methods:

  • Implementing national curriculum in the context of global needs, combined with international-based curriculum (bilingual; assessment is a combination between practical and theory/concept).

  • Using bilingual teaching materials and Cambridge-oriented textbooks.

Sistem Pengajaran

  • Menggunakan Kurikulum Nasional yang disajikan dalam konteks ‘global needs’ dengan kombinasi kurikulum standar internasional (bilingual; kombinasi bentuk evaluasi antara praktek dan teori/konsep).

  • Menggunakan bahan-bahan pembelajaran bilingual dan buku-buku pelajaran Cambridge-oriented.

Teaching Staff

A strong team of foreign and local teachers, equipped with a teaching methodology of international standard

Team yang solid antara guru asing dan guru lokal, dilengkapi dengan metode pengajaran yang sesuai dengan standar internasional.

Our foreign and local teachers are creative, full-spirited, smart, and friendly. They hold strong educational backgrounds related to the subjects they teach and are able to teach fluently in English. They are all high-motivated in guiding and preparing the students to become globally competent individuals.

Tenaga PengajarGuru-guru asing dan lokal yang kreatif, penuh semangat, cerdas dan bersahabat dengan latar belakang  S1 dan S2 yang kompeten dalam bidangnya dan memiliki kemampuan mengajar dalam Bahasa Inggris dengan baik, memiliki motivasi yang tinggi dalam membimbing para siswa yang siap terjun dalam masyarakat global.