Perayaan Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Indonesia yang ke-72 (Grade School)

With a strong sense of patriotism and hope for the country, Maria Regina School celebrated the Independence Day last August 17, 2017. We strongly believe in the saying that, “Youth are the hope of the Fatherland”. The celebration aimed to inspire students to be dedicated in serving and leading others, and to pray for good governance of the country’s leaders and sense of responsibility of the whole citizenry.

Opening program of Independence Day. It was facilitated and led by the High School Department.

Since the school promotes nationalism among students, various traditional activities such as coloring, sack race, and flag making were held during the celebration.

Coloring Activity for the young artists of the Grade School Department.

Outstanding winners of the Coloring Activity of the Grade School Department (L-R) Felix (G1), Joline (G2), Katie (G3), Arista (G4), Sophie (G5), and Kezia (G6) with Mr. Jerick, Ms. Vicky, Ms. Riza, Ms. Rachel, and Ms. Yustina.

Flag making by the creative students of the Upper Grade.