“Achieve real excellence through
Character and international education.”

Core Values


A Reginian must be able to extend moral, spiritual and social help to the community.

2.    TRUTH

A Reginian must exercise truth in all his words, deeds and actions.


A Reginian must be a globally competent individual.

Our curriculum is dedicated to academic excellence with a combination of social, physical, emotional, holistic and creative aspects. As teachers, we understand that how children respond is directly dependent on our own responses and actions. We therefore appreciate and keep in mind that: we teach what we believe, we impart what we learn. Our actions make a greater impression on the children than any information or knowledge we impart. In our school, process is important than the end product.

“We empower the minds, we strengthen the skills,
we touch the hearts and we build the community.”


Our preschool curriculum is developed using a thematic approach to learning. This approach helps children to associate with the day to day happenings around them. In our school, the child is at the centre of every school programme and activity. Every child is important to us and we customize the curriculum to help them reach their full potential. Our programmes expose children to a holistic education that prepares them to be confident, articulate, and independent.

As a stage of exploration and discovery, Maria Regina lays the avenue, equipped with skilled teachers and facilities, which provides fun and enjoyable learning experiences. We believe that learning best occurs in an environment that stimulates and caters to it. Therefore, to assure quality education, classrooms are furnished with child-friendly furniture and facilities.

With child-scale instructional and manipulative materials for early childhood education, children develop their language and literacy skills, arithmetic and basic number concepts, music, movement and coordination skills, social and creative skills preparing them for the demands of the primary years.

A loving and kindhearted team of foreign and local teachers equipped with a teaching methodology of international standard. Create a community of learners through exploration, academics and technology.


Modern Dance


Fine Motor