"Producing intelligent,
competent and God-fearing future leaders
whose open-mindedness and perseverance transcend global needs.”

Core Values


A Reginian must be able to extend moral, spiritual and social help to the community.

2.    TRUTH

A Reginian must exercise truth in all his words, deeds and actions.


A Reginian must be a globally competent individual.

Maria Regina School is a modern Catholic school which emphasizes strongly on character building as well as enrichment in English.
Preparing Reginians to become globally competent individuals with:

  • Excellent education in English as its medium of instruction
  • English policy implemented at all times while nurturing national plus education
  • TOEFL/IELTS preparation
  • Student Exchange Program


Excellent curriculum

A unique combination of national curriculum and international-based curriculum. Chinese L2 is also included in the curriculum.

(Kurikulum yang berkualitas: kombinasi unik dari kurikulum nasional dan kurikulum internasional. Bahasa Mandarin sudah termasuk dalam kurikulum sekolah.)

Maria Regina School has successfully produced graduates with outstanding UN results* and hopefully our excellent tradition in academic achievement will be perpetuated in Senior High School.

(Sekolah Maria Regina telah berhasil meluluskan siswa dan siswi di tingkat SD dan SMP dengan hasil Ujian Nasional* yang membanggakan dan Sekolah Maria Regina berharap kualitas pendidikan yang baik ini dapat terus dipertahankan di tingkat SMA.)

SMA Maria Regina is currently implementing 2013 Curriculum and some subjects are taught in English to promote students’ skills in English. Chinese as a Second Language is also part of the curriculum. In Year 11, IELTS/TOEFL preparation is also included in English Curriculum. Proficiency in foreign languages is our curriculum strength.


Teaching Methods

Implementing national curriculum in the context of global needs, combined with international-based curriculum (bilingual; assessment is a combination between practical and theory/concept).

Using bilingual teaching materials and Cambridge-oriented textbooks.


Sistem Pengajaran

Menggunakan Kurikulum Nasional yang disajikan dalam konteks ‘global needs’ dengan kombinasi kurikulum standar internasional (bilingual; kombinasi bentuk evaluasi antara praktek dan teori/konsep).

Menggunakan bahan-bahan pembelajaran bilingual dan buku-buku pelajaran Cambridge-oriented.


Library, swimming pool, multimedia room, café, laboratory,
modern classroom settings with AC, built-in projectors and CCTV. Catering/café:  students are served with healthy food.



A strong team teachers, equipped with a teaching methodology of international standard 

Our teachers are creative, full-spirited, smart, and friendly. They hold strong educational backgrounds related to the subjects they teach and are able to teach fluently in English. They are all high-motivated in guiding and preparing the students to become globally competent individuals.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) are designed to nurture cooperation and effective social skills. The following activities are the ECA offered for Academic Year 2017/2018. OSIS and Pramuka are the required ECA to take:

Math League
Public Speaking