WMI (World Mathematics Invitation) Vietnam Competition 2017

Last July 14-18, 2017, hundreds of participants from different countries across the world participated in the recent concluded World Mathematics Invitation Finals held in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. 17 brave souls and indeed future math wizards represented Maria Regina School and 7 of them bagged awards.  Sachiko (G2), Rafael (G2) and Nicholas (JHS3) bagged the Silver Medal award while  Joline (G 1), Narissa (G2), Olin (G5), Nathania (G6) bagged the Bronze Medal award. Merit award was given to Stefan (G1), Darren (G1), Calvin (G2), Michael (G2), Javier (G2), Kenston (G2), Eilynn (G2), Marcello (G3), Alexis (G3) Steven (JHS3).  Hats off to our kids, supportive parents and the teachers.

“It’s not about winning but the journey, the people you meet during the event and the love for Maths.” – Director of WMI